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Cerified Personal Training

YoungQuest Fitness Center's personal training is known throughout the Midwest as one of the best! With over 20 years of valuable experience in the industry and over helping over a thousand people to reach their goals. Our trainers are college educated and personal trainer certified.

By having that personal coach, you will be motivated and held accountable for your workouts! No room for quitting! We won't let you! Think of it as taking a class that is specially designed to teach you how to work out and learn valuable information that you can use the rest of your life! With our personal touch, it will help to make your workouts fun and exciting.

There are many valuable questions to be answered when working out with the proper direction. How long should I rest between my exercises? What stretches to do? How long should you hold each stretch? When to stretch? Is this the proper exercise form? How much weight should I use when working out? By letting YoungQuest to help educate you will make all the difference in the world when it comes to achieving your goals! Reduce your risk of injury and decrease your muscle soreness today! Working out doesn't need to be so difficult!

Customized Exercise Programs

What is your goal? To gain muscle, tone or just lose fat? Maybe it is a combination of each of the following? YoungQuest can help! Each nutrition plan is specially designed for each clients specific need to give you the right combination of resistance training combined with the proper cardiovascular regimen. 

Not every body type is the same, which requires that special combination to help you achieve the fitness goals you are looking for without wasting time. Efficient and consistent progress will keep you motivated to maintaining your plan! Working out with a plan will help you achieve great results and help to give you the balance we all need in today's busy lifestyle.

Each YoungQuest program includes an easy to follow customized 50 page binder to help you keep your exercise program organized and keep records. Pages which includes exercise pictures to help narrow down each muscle group focus and form to prevent injury. It also includes daily, monthly and weekly charts to keep records and help with future workout planning. 

Custom Designed Nutrition Programs

No one body is exactly the same, so why follow a program that may work for someone else? Whether your goal is to tone, build muscle or lose weight; YoungQuest has over 40 years of combined experience in the Nutrition field. Although we are not dietitians, our program has been approved by multiple doctors. 

A body fat analysis and goal projections are done before starting each program. Current assessments are done to determine where to startcalorie regimens. 

Balance is the key factor when getting proper nutrition. Our program breaks down your targeted calorie levels even further, focusing on the correct number of meals. Then we take it a step up, breaking down the proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and roughage for each meal giving you the total levels for targeted daily allowances. You can't get the results you are seeking by just counting calories. 

The YQ plan helps educate you on healthy food choices, meal portions and the time to eat them. All of the information you need is all in our customized nutrition book. Your records will give you all the information needed to remain successful after you achieve your goals! Computerized plans are also available for those who travel or spend a great deal of time at a desk.

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